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Marinmuseum i Karlskrona är ett statligt museum med inriktning på Sveriges sjöförsvar och här berättas den svenska marinens historia.

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Birthplace of Pope Benedict XVI.

New flooring for the Pope’s birthplace

  • Byggnadstyp: Others
  • Rondell: Wood flooring
  • Märke: Pallmann SE
  • Land: Schweden

A good two years have passed since Josef Razinger emerged from the conclave as the new Pope Benedict XVI. Shortly after his election, his birthplace in Marktl am Inn (Bavaria) was purchased by a foundation, and following comprehensive renovation, was converted into a museum and meeting place. Since its opening in April 2007, over 30,000 visitors have visited to learn more about the life of the Pope and his theological standpoints.

In order for the flooring to withstand the continual high levels of visitor traffic, the builders decided on a new flooring construction for almost all rooms of the historic building. First, the team from “Raumgestaltung Geisberger” applied a “Pro clima” protective strip, to which the Mehabite filling was then applied. This was followed by insulation plates and 22 mm thick laying plates.

In the next step, the de-coupling underlay “Uzin Multimoll Vlies” was installed, which, due to its fibre structure, reduces any possible tension and shear stresses occurring between the parquet flooring and the old substrate to a harmless level. The floors of most rooms were re-laid with solid large panelling of white parquet flooring, and only in the Papal Room was it decided for structural reasons to use solid three-layer larch country-house floorboards from the firm of Stia.

For surface treatment, the floor-layers relied on products of the Pallmann brand: The 2-component high-solid parquet flooring oil “Magic Oil 2K natur” from Pallmann provides the wooden flooring with outstanding protection against the high stresses caused by the numerous visitors to the Pope’s birthplace. The care product “Pallmann Magic Oil Care” is used regularly for the ongoing care of the surface.