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Marinmuseum i Karlskrona är ett statligt museum med inriktning på Sveriges sjöförsvar och här berättas den svenska marinens historia.

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Sportcenter Bonn

128 m² of Hevea three-ply parquet flooring sealed with Pall-X Nano from Pallmann Outstanding performance!

  • Märke: Pallmann SE
  • Land: Schweden

128 m2 of Hevea three-ply parquet flooring sealed with Pall-X Nano from Pallmann
Outstanding performance!

The "Sportfabrik" fitness centre in Bonn-Beuel is always busy: whether with dancing, aerobics or squash – until now, training shoes and sports equipment have often left unsightly marks on the parquet flooring.
To avoid this in future, the management decided in the course of the renovation work to have the old Hevea three-ply parquet flooring in the gymnastics and exercise-bike room of the centre sealed with Pall-X Nano. When very high stresses on the parquet flooring can also be expected, such as occur in commercial or industrial areas, the product composition for "strength" is the optimum solution. By means of its futuristic nanotechnology, the Pall-X Nano sealant protects the wood surface against mechanical stresses, and also reduces the adhesion of dirt. Scratches and signs of abrasion have no chance.

Pall-X 325 Primer was first applied to the old multi-layer parquet flooring. After a drying time of two hours, the first coat of water-based 1-component Pall-X Nano parquet floor sealant was then applied. This was done starting at the edge, rolling on the sealant alternately first at right angles to the grain and then in the direction of the grain, and allowing the strips to flow into each other. On the following day, and immediately after intermediate sanding with Pallmann 120 grade sanding paper, the second coat of Pall-X Nano was applied. The drying time until the third and last coat was around three hours.

The customer was extremely satisfied with the result, since Pall-X Nano as a new 1-component sealant brings with it the same exacting requirements as a 2-component parquet floor sealant. Very high resistance to mechanical stresses, outstanding scratch resistance, very good abrasion resistance and low dirt adhesion – all these advantages come from the use of nano-particles.
The treatment of the parquet flooring was carried out by the firm of Hunold of Bonn, a family business which for 50 years has been an expert partner for all aspects of floor coverings and parquet flooring.